Session 4: Ulla Ryum and Suzan Lori Parks

Yeah! Pie Plates for warm ups!   Then Cara lead Lay, Sit, Stand with variations (alone and in threes) . At one point we directed them that it was “raining spiders”, that created some very nice reactions/shapes.   Antiquated Telephone   Image Theater Intense Whole Group Shaping

Session 3: Müller & Foreman

Most of the pictures are of Shape/Reshape in pairs, then quartets, then whole group shaping. We also played Crumple, Blossoming and Withering, and Quartets.

Session 2: Kennedy & Open Theater

At the beginning of Session 2 after stretches and breathing exercises we played a good game of Red Ball. Several of the objects transformed (ex. Black Bat became Black Goat), but at least we didn’t lose any. We focused on movement exercises: shaping and reshaping, walking with various qualities, and Cara lead stopping and starting….

Session 1: Madame Rachilde and the DADAists

Well, we’re all lined up to have the largest group ever this summer. They are 27 strong and already a force to be reckoned with! We did some moving through the space imagining we were surrounded by bubbles that bounced off each other and getting anywhere was well neigh impossible. But the excitement of the…

Theater of the Oppressed Workshop Performance Comes to the MAC

ANYONE INTERESTED IN EXPERIMENTAL THEATER SHOULD BE INTERESTED IN THIS: Theater of the Oppressed was created by Augusto Boal and we use many exercises from his work in our training for the workshop.  A visiting professor and practitioner of Theater of the Oppressed is leading a workshop for some K-State students next week and they…

4 More Days Left to Apply

There is now a waitlist, but we will try and fit all of you in if we can. Even if you’re on the fence, please apply so that we can contact you about the workshop ASAP next year. Or you can subscribe to our website and stalk us via the Internets.


Spaces are limited so don’t delay, apply right away! If you’ve got questions please email director Gwethalyn Williams at

2015 Schedule

If you are interested in applying to participate in the summer 2015 please see the schedule below. All whole company sessions will be at the Manhattan Arts Center: 1520 Poyntz Ave., Manhattan, KS *Please see note on our attendance policy below the schedule. Session 1: Sat, May 16, 3:00-6:00PM Session 2: Tue, May 19, 3:45-6:45PM…