Something Extra Exciting is Happening This Summer!

This summer we have the opportunity to offer our audiences and participants an exciting additional cultural experience.  Last year MXTW director Gwethalyn Williams and alum Megan Clark collaborated with Scenelusa Produksjoner of Oslo, Norway to help create the Norwegian Experimental Theater Workshop (NExT) which offers an experience similar to MXTW to Norwegian high school age students. This summer we have invited the NExT team to join us in Manhattan to share each other’s work and use the shared techniques we have learned to work together. A special encore performance showcasing work created by NExT last year (in Norwegian, of course) alongside and with work created by MXTW this summer. This encore performance will be Sunday June 25th at 7:00 pm. Tickets are on sale now for this special encore performance via online ticket sales here: or by calling MAC’s office at 785-537-4420 Don’t miss this chance to see experimental theater created by young people on two continents, in two languages side by side!

Our friends from Norway are coming for a visit!

Photo by Clay Myers-Bowman

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